photo.JPGfinal lab data.docxSample Lab 1.pdfLabReportInstruc

photo.JPGfinal lab data.docxSample Lab 1.pdfLabReportInstructionsRubric.pdf664-220Experiment5_Resonant+Circuits+Experiment.pdfAssignment extract:The marker of this lab is so strict on marking everysingle word; he follows the MARKING “Lab Report Instructions Rubric”that I have attached. (I also attached a Sample Lab that the TA wrote asan example to see how he distributes the marks). Please follow that scale and answer every Question carefully!This lab worth 10%, and I need to get around 100 on this lab since I got zero on my first lab.I’m really pissed off on how he marks the lab,so again please make surethat it’s clear and perfect to meet the “Rubric requirements”. Order SummaryNumber of pages:1Academic level:University Level, Bachelor’sReferencing style:MLAClient country:United States (US English)Cost per page:$3Total cost:$3Time left:1 hour

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