Please list all the reference papers which are relevant &amp up

Please list all the reference papers which are relevant & updated to the topic in the end of your answer. Presenting someone else’s work and rephrase some else’s analysis and present it as your own work will be treated as plagiarism. Please use CU Harvard Reference Style in the writing. Q1. Literature review of power converter topologies for stand-alone & grid connected wind energy conversion. The literature review is not just a summary of everything you have read. It is a selection and analysis of existing research which is relevant to your topic, and usually is the first step in starting work on a new research topic. The review should be written and presented in a professional style.IEEE Xplore (URL: is a huge digital library, and provides more than 3 million articles and research papers on Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Search IEEE Xplore and select IEEE or relevant Journal papers on the topic of the power electronic converter for Wind Turbine. The review should contain:i.A clear description of the two different types of converter topologies using with permanent magnet Synchronous generator for wind power system. (15 marks )ii.A discussion of the relative advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches. Give your opinion on which approach you consider to be the best and why. (10 marks)Q 2. a) Explain in detail what is understood by the term “Smart Grid”, and explain in detail with examples what are considered as key parts of the Smart Grid?(7 marks)b) Electrical storage is considered an important part of the future Smart Grid. Explain why this is? Give examples of the different storage technologies and compare them in terms of performance, reliability and cost. ( 8 Marks)answers WIND CONVERTERS.pdf