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Please the writing will based on the three attached files .the summary it is my own writing it can be used in the introduction no need for it to be cited.the dead line is 11/30  the liberal artkathlen parkersummaryLearning ObjectivesThis assignment is designed to teach you to structure an effective argument in response to a specific topic. It also asks you to practice careful, critical reading and argumentation. Upon completion, you should be familiar with:The elements required for an effective, argumentative reading response.Introducing a source text with author’s name, article title, and publication date.Using MLA Citation to document sources.Summarizing a writer’s main idea.Clearly articulating your own point of view effectively for your audience.Explaining and supporting your point of view using examples and sources.TaskFor this essay, you will write an argument in response to the issue of a liberal arts education at the university. Considering Sanford J. Unger’s article, “The New Liberal Arts,” and the supplementary articles on similar topics (Fallows, TBA, and TBA), determine what you think about liberal arts education. Make an argument that answers this question: Given your experience and background, how do you think a university education in America today should balance liberal arts and professional training?Structure and RequirementsFor this essay you will design the structure of your argument to effectively persuade your audience. This means the first step of your essay planning is for you to determine how your argument will be presented to the reader. See the grading rubric for a list of items that should be included in your essay.Helpful ToolsMLA Citation Style Guide: Use the MLA guides in your handbook and from Blackboard to help you properly cite using MLAAudience and PurposeYour audience for this essay is other Writing 100 students at Philadelphia University who have read Ungar, but not all of the supplementary articles. Your purpose is to persuade your audience that your argument about liberal arts education is correct. (You may agree with Ungar, disagree, or agree somewhat; there is no wrong answer.)FormattingTyped, double-spaced, standard, 12-point fontMLA format for citation including Works Cited page1300 wordsORGANIZATION AND CONTENTIntroductionA single introductory paragraph framing the topic and your perspective.A brief introduction to Ungar’s article including title, author, date to contextualize your discussion.A specific thesis statement arguing for your point of view about liberal arts education. It should appear at the end of the opening paragraph. It should be specific and interesting.BodyClear organization of paragraphs to illustrate the key points that will support your thesis.Topic sentences that indicate the main point of the paragraph and how it relates to your argument (for unity).Transitions between paragraphs to guide the reader through your points.Explanation of helpful examples from your own experience to develop your argument.Explanation of supporting source information to develop your argument.Proper integration (sandwiching) of quotations and paraphrase with correct MLA citation.Use of two sources including Ungar and TBA or TBA to help you develop your point of view.Correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure especially regarding articles (the, a, an), subject-verb agreement, verb tense, and run-on sentences.ConclusionA concluding paragraph restating your thesis claim.Interesting and insightful closing remarks.

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