Please use only the Articles attached Bellow not external so

Please use only the Articles attached Bellow not external sources.  Please follow the instructionsDuring the course of the semester we have examined various ways that indigenous Amazonians have been represented by outsiders, as well as ways that they have strategically represented themselves. Each of these representations has had its consequences, whether intentional or unexpected.Write an essay in which you discuss various historical representations of indigenous Amazonians and the resulting consequences. Your essay should cover representations from the time of first contact with Europeans to contemporary times. Your essay must be written as an argument. In other words, your task is to persuade your reader to accept your position by using evidence from course readings, discussions, and films to support it. It would be wise to refer to your previous writing assignments for the course, both for content, and guidance. 6 to 7 full pages. around 175 wordsEssay 1 Draft.docx,Wari.docx past essays that I wrotefollow the sequence: mention the scholars views.indigenous tribes to be mentioned on essay Tupinamba , Waris, Yanomamischolars to be mentioned on the essay,(((((Sahlins, Harris, Arens, Beth Conklin and Chagnon))))  The Collision of Worlds & the Arrival of StrangersRamos Heathen.pdfSahlins Culture as Protein & Profit.pdfHarris & Sahlins Cannibals & Kings.pdfIberians & their “Savages” in the Age ofEnlightenmentArens Man Eating Myth.pdfArens & Sahlins Cannibalism An Exchange.pdfHarris People Eating.pdfCase Study:  Wari’Funerary CannibalismConklin_9a.pdf[Beth_A._Conklin]_Consuming_grief_compassionate_c(***Endocanibalism and exocannilism****Yanomami Apocalypse & Savage Anthropology and Darkness in El Doradochagnon.docx articles