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Pleasereview the attached PDF document ( regarding absenteeism and then respond to thememo located below.To: HR AssociateFrom: Meghan Campbell, HR DirectorRe: AbsenteeismIhave an upcoming board meeting at which I must provide an analysis ofabsenteeism costs to our company.  Based on the information below, pleaseprovide me with a detailed memo that addresses the following:·Anoverview of absenteeism and why it is important to understand·Aquantitative analysis of absenteeism in our company·Presumedbenefits of lowering absenteeismInour company of 375 employees, there is an absenteeism rate of 8% for hourlyemployees (n=315) and 6% for salaried employees.  Employees are permittedseven paid sick days per year. Additional sick time is deemed unpaidleave. Whenabsent, hourly employees must be replaced with replacement employees at a rateof 150% of the hourly rate.Theaverage salary is $18/hour for hourly employees and $28 per hour (based on a 40hour work week) for salaried employees. Benefits average 30% and 35% of thehourly rate for hourly and salaried employees, respectively.