Police Productivity&nbspImproving police productivity represent

Police Productivity Improving police productivity represents a conundrumevery police manager must confront at one time or another. Every policedepartment is expected to provide more services than the budget allows.Therefore, the police manager must learn to obtain the greatest results foreach dollar spent. All aspects of the department should be examined whenattempting to improve productivity, and efforts to make improvements should besystematic, touching all parts of the department.  If you were a police chief, what techniques andstrategies would you use to improve productivity and maintain it at a highlevel? How would you get your mid-level managers to agree to your plans, andhow would they, in turn, motivate their officers to increase productivity? Your initial response should be 250-300 words inlength. Your claims should be supported by the text and/or other academicresources. need to answer ll questions list references