Preparea 1,100-word case study analysis paper base on below

Preparea 1,100-word case study analysis paper base on below:In early April, Carl Robins, the new campus recruiterfor ABC, Inc., successfully recruited several new hires in spite of having beenat his new job for only six months; this was his first recruitment effort.He hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls,the Operations Supervisor. He scheduled a new hire orientation to take placeJune 15, hoping to have all new hires working by July.On May 15, Monica contacted Carl about the trainingschedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests, and ahost of other issues, which Carl would coordinate for the new hires. Carlassured Monica that everything would be arranged in time.After Memorial Day, Carl was at his office and pulledout his new trainee file to finalize the paperwork needed for the orientationon June 15. While going through the files, Carl became concerned. Some of thenew trainees did not have applications completed or their transcripts on file,and none of them had been sent to the clinic for the mandatory drug screen. Hethen searched the orientation manuals and found only three copies with severalpages missing from each.Frustrated, he went for a quick walk. Upon his return tothe office, he decided to check out the training room for the orientation.There, he found Joe, from technology services, setting up computer terminals.Carl reviewed the scheduling log and found that Joe had also reserved the roomfor the entire month of June for computer training seminars for the newdatabase software implementation.Carl panicked. He went back to his office, put his head onhis desk, and thought to himself, ‘What am I going to do?’Analyzing the Case1. Read and study the case thoroughly.2. Define the problem(s).3. Select a focus for your analysis by identifyingkey issues and their causes.4. Identify and apply course concepts in order toidentify possible solutions.5. Evaluate alternative solutions and choose thesolution you believe is best.Must be original, plagiarism free, and absolutely no recycle paper.