Product- New smart insoles(fictitious) from Reebok.&nbspThis pr

Product- New smart insoles(fictitious) from Reebok. This product can keep track of your calories, blood pressure, how many miles you walk or run, how fast the person runs, this smart insoles can also have the capability of providing the approximate weight a person should be at based on their height, sex and age also all the data can automatically be transferred to a smart phone’s application.Create an suitable for a marketing plan that will be created  below ONLYUSE INFO BELOW FOR REFERENCE ONLYwrite a 5,950- to 7,000-word paper that integrates your previous Learning Team assignments into a final Marketing Plan. In addition to your previous papers, include the following:Your promotional strategy for your product or service, including how you may use the following:AdvertisingPublic relationsDigital marketingSales promotionDirect marketingEvent marketingOutdoorThe effect professional selling may have on your offeringAn initial budget for your planThe methods you use will measure the success of your planAny ethical issues your marketing plan might have