Project Description&nbspWe have installed and edited a Project

Project Description: We have installed and edited a Project themeWebsite to the best. We now need a professional to complete the work we can’tdo, this is where we would like to have some help with.–> The website is: WORK1.  Create attactive/fancy homepage. With abig image/text slider. Remove the search bar, the post project and join usbutton. Ensure more information can be shared on the homepage.a.  Similar frontpage as:  Also include the featured projects onthe frontpage.c.  Make therepresentation of the ‘featured projects” on the frontpage better. Use better/nicer icons.2.  Create apage with an overview of all projects.a.  Projectoverview page should look similar to this  Adjust the template for the projectpage, so it looks more fancy4.  Other adjustmentsa.  Ensure people cannot subscribe as“provider”, only as “contractor”. The owner of the website is the only one whoshould be able to post new projectsb.  Make sure all alterations are on childtheme, so updates can be donec.  Change font (type/size/color) insomething more attractived.  Remove red ‘featured’ button everywheree.  Ensure project fee isrepresented as a single number and not a range. For example “€500” and not“€500-€500”- The style of the website can be similar to, but other suggestions are welcome!