Project&nbspRoots of Civilization CollageBegin brainstorming i

Project: Roots of Civilization CollageBegin brainstorming ideas for a collage you will create about the regions we’ve covered in this course so far.First, click here to download instructions on creating a collage. After gathering information about how to construct a collage, consider the following topics that must be represented in your collage (listed below). In addition to creating a collage, you will be composing a short essay telling why you selected the items on your collage and how they relate to the item(s) listed below.You will want to represent each of the following topics in your collage:The Stone AgeSumerBabylonEgyptAncient IsraelitesPersian EmpireNext, explain how you’ve represented each of the topics in the bulleted list in your collage. Why did you choose the pictures and/or text to represent each topic? Your essay should be no longer than one page. Use the organizer provided for your prewriting.Click here to download the organizer.Use the Collage Rubric to make sure you’re on the right track.Click here to download the Collage Rubric.After you have double checked to make sure your collage meets the criteria listed above, you may either scan the collage or take a digital picture of it. Submit the collage and the essay to your instructor.First, click here to download instructions on creating a collage.How to Make a CollageCutting and Pasting to Make a Collage:1. Collect materials for your collage. You may cut pictures from old magazines,newspapers, or print off images from the Internet and use those. If you plan onscanning your collage to submit it to your teacher, you must use a base that will fit ona scanner to be able to submit your work. A sheet of printer paper is probably thebest choice.2. Use scissors to cut out pieces for your collage. Try cutting out words or letters from avariety of sources to make phrases on your collage and pictures that represent thedifferent regions of the world we have studied3. Once you decide where you want to put a piece, use glue to attach the item to thepaper. Continue attaching pieces, overlapping pieces if you wish. You don’t have tocover the whole surface. Just be sure that every civilization that we’ve learned aboutis somehow represented in your collage. You can do a web search or useencyclopedias to gather additional information to construct the collage if you’d like.Using additional resources will enhance your understanding of this course.4. If you will be scanning the collage to submit it to your teacher, let it dry completelybefore scanning.Making an Electronic Collage:1. Open a new document in a presentation program (such as Microsoft PowerPoint) ora word processing program (such as Microsoft Word).2. Search the Internet for graphics to use in your collage. Use key words and phraseslike Ancient Egypt, Stone Age tools, Hammurabi’s Code, and so on. You can useencyclopedias to gather additional information to construct the collage if you wish.Using additional resources will enhance your understanding of this course.Additional resources include digital pictures or scanned images from books,magazines, etc.3. Arrange the pictures and text on the page in an attractive and interesting way.4. Submit the document to your teacher when your collage is complete.