PSYCHOLOGY101APPLYINGPSYCHOLOGY USING MOVIES  Chooseone of the following movies: Iris  Philomena  Life of Pi    HugoUp      12 Years a Slave   Lincoln    TheDescendantsJulie and Julia    TheHelp    WhaleRider  Mostmovies are available at public libraries and movie rental establishments/streamingsites.  Some are available at BardLibrary on the BCCC campus.Watch the movie.  Apply6 concepts (ideas) that we discussed in class or werediscussed in the assigned textbook reading to explain specificbehaviors in the movie.  The concepts must be from at least 4 of the following 6broad topics: neuroscience,states of consciousness, learning, memory, human development and socialpsychology (excludes personality, psychological disorders and therapy andany other chapters/topics not discussed this semester).Use the followingformatfor your assignment:At the top of the page indicatethe movie that you watched.  Name the broad topic; then namethe specific concept. In paragraph form describe thescene in the movie (the behavior); define the concept; and describe howthat concept was illustrated in that particular scene in the movie. See example below:Curious George1. Social Psychology: Bystander effectWhen the news reporters arrived, they startasking questions, which makes Ted nervous. Suddenly, he sees George climbing adinosaur exhibit, which starts to fall. He races after George as the dinosaurskeleton crumbles. Ironically, no one helped them get up. This is a goodexample of the concept called bystander effect under the principle ofsituationism. The bystander effect is a social factor that affects prosocialbehavior: As the number if bystander at an emergency increases, the probabilitythat the victim will receive help decreases, and the help, if given, is likelyto be delayed.Your grade will be based on following: the required format anddirections, how well you define the concept, and how well you describe how theconcept was illustrated in the movie.