Question 11.&nbspJoanna verballycontracts to work with Jimmy fo

Question 11. Joanna verballycontracts to work with Jimmy for three-years. After Joanna starts work, Jimmyfires her without cause. Joanna sues Jimmy for breach of contract. Is Joannalikely to recover under the contract? Is there some other legal theory thatmight support a legal recovery?Question 21. Steven enters into acontract with Mandy. The contract is for Mandy to repair Steven’s car for $600.What are Mandy’s rights and duties? What are Steven’s rights and duties? If thecontract expressly prohibits any assignment, can Mandy assign his right topayment?Question 31.  Johnny sells his car to Tammy for $700. Johnny works as aconstruction worker. Johnny notifies Tammy that he has the goods at the buyer’sdisposition, and that Tammy is free to pick them up at any time. While Tammy ison her way, the car is stolen with no fault at Johnny. Who bears the risk ofloss? Assume the contract is silent on who bears the risk of loss.Question 41.  The Soda Company manufactures bottles to contain carbonatedbeverages. They have invested millions of dollars to provide the moststate-of-the-art bottling facility the world has ever seen. And their QAprocess is unmatched. The Soda Company takes every precaution to ensure thatit’s bottles are of the highest quality. One day Cody buys a bottle of sodawith a bottle manufactured by the Soda Company. The bottle was notsubstantially changed from the time of manufacture to the purchase. As soon asCody opens the bottle, it explodes in his hand causing lacerations. Cody suesfor negligence. Will he recover? Be sure to list and apply the elements ofnegligence to this case.Question 51.  Same facts as #4 except that Cody sues under a strict productliability theory. Will Cody recover under strict product liability? Be sure tolist and apply the elements of strict product liability to this case.