Question 1&nbspWhen a populations doubling time is_______ , th

Question 1 When a population’s doubling time is_______ , the population increases more rapidly.Answerlowerhigherequallonger5 points  Question 2 The annual growth rate of a population is ________.Answercalculated as death rate minus birth ratealso called the demographic transitiondirectly proportional to doubling timethe percent change in a population in a year5 points  Question 3 As a general rule of thumb, as the size of a natural area increases, ________.Answerthe biodiversity in that area increasesthe number of organisms that will become extinct increasesthe population sizes of organisms in that area decreasesthe populations of organisms living in the area stabilize5 points  Question 4 In spite of natural factors that might influence human population growth rates, population growth in some countries appears to be declining because ________.Answerhumans have exceeded their carrying capacitythe incidence of disease epidemics has increased worldwidefamilies and individuals make choices to have fewer childrennutrition has declined in many populations5 points  Question 5 The ‘urban heat island effect’ is due to ________.Answerthe low reflectance of asphalt pavement and most building materials, as well as heat generated by cars and other machinerythe deliberate settlement and location of most cities in low latitudes that result in warm urban landmassesthe low absorbance of asphalt pavement and most building materials, as well as heat generated by cars and other machinerythe coincidental location of most cities near geographic features that warm the urban landmasses5 points  Question 6 A group of citizens concerned with the environmental cost of modern agriculture decides to take a proactive step. Instead of legislation and bureaucracy aimed at farmers, they decide to focus on the consumer end of the problem with an educational curriculum aimed at high school students. Which of the following concepts should they include in their curriculum?AnswerIncreasing funding for the development of more effective pesticidesReimbursing farmers for using integrated pest managementRezoning land to move agriculture farther from citiesChanging the food-buying habits and attitudes of the public5 points  Question 7 One indication that a population is in a period of exponential growth is that ________.Answerthe birth rate is slightly higher than the death ratethe death rate is almost equal to the birth ratethe death rate exceeds the birth ratethe birth rate far exceeds the death rate5 points  Question 8 Forests that have been cleared for agriculture and then allowed to regrow ultimately end up as ________.Answerchaparrala swiddena climax communityan intertropical convergence zone5 points  Question 9 Banana is an agricultural crop that is exclusively reproduced by cloning. Which of the following statements best explains why banana crops are so vulnerable to devastating epidemics of pathogenic fungi and other pests?AnswerBanana plant clones are all essentially the same genetically, so a disease strain that can attack one plant can attack all the plants in the crop.Clones are more likely to acquire genetic mutations that make them susceptible to disease.Banana plants grow in the tropics, which contain a higher diversity of plant diseases.Banana plants have lowered fitness due to a greater frequency of homozygous deleterious recessive alleles.5 points  Question 10 On an S-curve representing population growth, the proximity to carrying capacity is marked by ________.Answerthe steepest, nearly vertical segment of the curvea horizontal segment at the end of the curvea shallow segment at the beginning of the curveerratic changes in the curve