Read the article below. &nbspDescribe a type of mistake that a

Read the article below.  Describe a type of mistake that a user can make and what could be done to prevent it.  Be specific and creative and don’t repeat what someone else stated. –Employee Mistakes Undermine US Government Data Security(November 10, 2014)According to an Associated Press analysis of information obtainedthrough Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, at least half of USgovernment IT security incidents are the result of mistakes made byworkers. Employees have violated workplace policies; lost or had stolendevices containing sensitive information; and shared sensitiveinformation.[Editor’s Note (Pescatore): The numbers aren’t tremendously differentfor private industry; if anything, employee error is responsible for ahigher percentage of incidents. Attacker-driven breaches get the presscoverage, but errors by well-meaning insiders (both users and sysadmins) both directly cause a high percentage of breaches and are theroot cause of enabling many external attacker breaches, as well. Thedreaded ’email address autocomplete leads to spreadsheet with sensitiveinformation being sent to competitor/world’ error is a common exampleof the former, ‘OK, I’ll spin up just for tonight foryou on the DMZ’ is an example of the latter.(Murray): This is no more likely to be true in the US Government thanin any other organization. Even in the unlikely event that we were tosolve all of our software quality problems, we would still be vulnerableto errors and omissions by otherwise well motivated but gratuitouslyprivileged users. ‘The dummies have it, hands down, now and forever.’- –Robert H. Courtney.  Such errors should be resisted by applicationdesign, training, supervision, multi-party controls, and automaticconfirmations.  Management should recognize and reward timely detectionand correction of errors.]