Read this first weekly readings.pdfNote thisCard or Stack-B

Read this first weekly readings.pdfNote this:Card or Stack-Based Authoring Tools: These tools use cards to represent various pages (screens). By having a stack of cards, the developer can organize the information, interaction, and feedback screens.Web-Based Authoring Tools: These tools are similar to word processors that allow the developer to create and design various information, interaction, and feedback pages (screens).Time-Based Authoring Tools: These tools use a stage metaphor that provides a timeline to insert elements along the timeline where events might happenIcon-Based Authoring Tools: These tools are designed to permit the author or developer to organize page (screen) placement and navigational elements by dragging various programming elements (represented by icons) from a palate to the flowchart of the program.Now find 2 of each type and fill out this form being sure that is one of the web-based Authoring tools Authoring Tool Comparison Chart.doc