Recruitment and Training of Police Officers week 4 assignmen

Recruitment and Training of Police Officers week 4 assignment Address the issues below thoroughly from a management and leadershipperspective.At this time, it is not generally necessary to have highly educated (formaleducation) police or correctional officers, although most, larger metropolitanagencies prefer it. Administrators often claim that all an officer needs istraining. Describe the difference between education and training. Discuss whether or notit is to the benefit of the officer, and therefore the department, to haveeducated employees? Identify and discuss the qualifications you would requirefor someone to be hired as a police officer. Explain the salary and benefitswould you offer in order to attract the police officer candidates that youdescribed. (Assume there are no budget constraints.) Your paper must be three to four pages in length (exclusive of title andreference pages) and formatted according to APA style. Support your claims andsubclaims with material from the text, Police Administration, as well as two academic resources from the AshfordOnline Library.

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