Research Paper, PsychologyResearch paper reportDeadline 201

Research Paper, PsychologyResearch paper reportDeadline: 2014-12-01 Time left: 7h 43mStatus : in progress Number of pages: 5Created:2014-11-27 7:21 PMLevel:UndergraduateGrade:Guaranteed 2:1 Standard (Normal Charge);Pages:5Style:MLACountry:Sources:3Language Style:English (U.S.)Project descriptionyou will read and report on an experimental studypublished in an academic Psychology journal. The study should be aresearch article and come from a professional (peer-reviewed) journal inPsychology, not from popular press magazines (e.g. Psychology Today) ornewspapers. A sample list of appropriate journals is provided below;consult an Instructor or a librarian if you have any questions. Thepaper should be at least 5 pages long with normal line spacing and fontsizes.Your paper must consist of the following sections (note that each corresponds to a section in a typical research paper)(1)An introduction to the topic, stating the objectives of the experiment.What problem is under investigation? Why is it of importance or ofinterest?(2) A description of the methodology used in the study. Forexample, describe and comment on independent and dependent variables orother measures, operational definitions, subjects, control issues,method of observation, etc. (3) A summary of the results andconclusions of the study. What were the main findings of the paper? Howdo these results relate to the overall objective of the experiment?What do the authors conclude about their findings?(4) Yoursubjective evaluation of the paper. In this concluding section, we wantto hear your own opinion of the article. Why does this topic interestyou? Does it change the way you think about the topic? Do you agree withthe authors conclusions? What do you think would be the logical nextstep of the research?You must provide detailed citation informationof the article to your report so we can access it ourselves. If thereis a URL address, please provide it. Any report that does not includethis information will be returned without credit.The two mostimportant aspects of successfully completing this project are: (1) Tocarefully select a topic/appropriate article; and (2) To specificallyfollow the guidelines above. The following are examples of peer-reviewed Psychology journals. American PsychologistAmerican Journal of PsychiatryDevelopmental PsychologyJournal of Abnormal PsychologyJournal of Applied PsychologyJournal of Comparative PsychologyJournal of Counseling PsychologyJournal of Personality and Social PsychologyJournal of Personality AssessmentBehavioral NeuroscienceLearning and Memory