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Research paperLevelUniversityStyleAPASources5LanguageEnglish(U.S.)DescriptionAge Discrimination in Workplace Act (ADEA) 1967 that lead to policy that is aimed at older adults. This paper is to identify a policy aimed at older adults that addresses a social problem. The social problem being Age Discrimination against older Americans. Report on its legislative history, including a brief description of the individuals and groups that have advocated for the policy. Be sure to include the following:* identify the problem the policy is intended to solve: Age Discrimination against older Americans* why the problem or problems require being addressed through policy making* the values reflected in the policy debate around the issue* how the goal or goals of the policy are expected to be achieved* describe the extent to which various groups experience this problem (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, etc)* do differences exist between these groups in how the problem is experienced?* identify a theory or model that is applicable to the problem.* provide information about the individual and/or social causes of the problem.This can show statistically significant relationships between problems and various factors, as well as beliefs or public held perceptions about the causal factors related to the problem.SpacingDoublePages6