Resource Project Proposal Individual Assignment approved We

Resource: Project Proposal Individual Assignment approved Week 3Select one Learning Team member’s Project Proposal from the Week 2 Individual Assignment.Create a 300-350 word Scope Statement for the proposed project.Project Proposal Rev A.doc Include the following within your statement: Description of your scopeProject deliverablesProduct user acceptance criteriaProject boundariesProject constraintsProject assumptionsDetermine the necessary inputs and the desired outputs of your proposed project.Integrate both papers expressing the relationship and relevance of the scope statement within the project management process.Format your papers consistent with APA guidelinesProject Charter Document Team B Rev -.docPlease find the Scope Statement assignments for the project Charter below:Section 1 Bob NewtonSection 2 Bob NewtonSection 3 Bob NewtonSection 4.1 Bob NewtonSection 4.2 Bob NewtonSection 4.3 Eric GravesSection 4.4 Eric GravesSection 4.5 Shuanta Abrams(My Portion)Section 4.6 Shuanta Abrams(My Portion)Section 5.1 Kim FreemanSection 5.2 Kim FreemanSection 5.3 Kent PanovecSection 5.4 Kent PanovecSection 6 Evan NicklinSection 7 Evan Nicklin