ResourceHuman services do not offer aone-size-fits-all appr

Resource:Human services do not offer aone-size-fits-all approach. Determining what type of help to provide depends ona client’s individual needs. In some cases, the client may need medicaltreatment rather than social or emotional intervention. In other cases, thereverse is true. And in many cases, a combination of both is needed.The three primary models of humanservices delivery—medical, public health, and human services—delineate thesetreatments. A patient with bipolar disorder, for instance, might best betreated under the medical model by taking an antipsychotic drug. On the otherhand, a single teenage mother who has no health problems but is struggling toafford shelter and food might be treated under the human services model withthe help of a social worker who can help her find employment and day careservices for her child. Furthermore, AIDS workers in Africa might utilize thepublic health model, combining both medical treatment and social intervention,giving medicine to victims of the disease and teaching prevention practices tohelp stop the spread of HIV. In some cases, a human services professional mayneed to apply more than one delivery model. The model, or combination ofmodels, that a professional uses is based on the client’s specific situation.Review the article, ‘A Science ofConnectedness.’ Stanga K.pdfConsider which model or models of human servicesdelivery might be utilized in effectively organizing health care via the’holarchy’ of health care that is discussed.Select two models of human services delivery (medical,public health, or human services) discussed in the readings to use forthis Application. This may be based on which models resonate most withyou, or which models are most applicable to the domain in which you wouldlike to work.Think about the characteristics of each model that youselected and how both could be integrated in real-world situations.2–3 pages in APA formatDescribe, in your own words, the two models of humanservices delivery you selected and why you chose each.Then explain how the two models might be integrated inpractice. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation.WHAT I HAVE COME UP WITH- These are my words and can be put in the paper word for wordThe Human Service Model focuses on providing services, such as assistance with housing, anger management, medication management, mentalhealth/substance abuse treatment, and employment assistance, to clients within the context of their environment.I choose this model because I am familiar with this model’scharacteristics. I use this model consistently in my professional position. I work with clients who are homeless, indigent, and suffer from menatl, emotional and substance abuse issues, who require me to practice the Human Service Model.The Medical Model- treats clients individually for adiseases and illnesses using a symptom-diagnosis-treatment-cure system, and isthe oldest treatment model. I choose this model because similar to my first choice I amfamiliar with the practices of this model. Most of my clients suffer from mental health illnesses such as PTSD,Schizophrenia, ADHD, or some type of Bipolar Disorder or Depression. With eachof the clients battling one or multiple mental health issue they are prescribedPsychiatric prescriptions. It is my job to become familiar with each diagnosis,drug information, discuss the benefits and encourage clients to take them asprescribed, observe for side effects and behavior changes from the drugs eitherbeing too high in dosage or not at a therapeutic level, and able to answer anyquestions the clients may have about the medication because most often theydon’t feel comfortable asking the prescribing doctor due to intimidation of aauthority figure and not wanting to be classified uneducated.The two models are integrated in practice because they bothfocus on treating the individual.