Review the article, The Struggle for TreatmentIntegrity in

Review the article, ‘The Struggle for TreatmentIntegrity in a ‘Dis-Integrated’ Service Delivery System.’ Bernfeld G A.pdfConsiderthe profession(s) and system(s) intrinsic to and related to the familypreservation program for juvenile delinquents described in the article.Review the article, ‘Systems Change Reborn:Rethinking Our Theories, Methods, and Efforts in Human Services Reform andCommunity-Based Change.’ Foster-Fishman P.pdfPay particular attention to the authors’discussion of systems theory and its importance.Select a human services profession, or type of client,that interests you (victims of abuse, the homeless, the elderly, etc.) . My choice-Mental Health and Substance Abuse CounselorThink about the system(s) associated with and/orinherent to your chosen profession. Review the readings and/or conductInternet research to consider how your profession and its system(s) mightinteract with other systems or professions.Based on what you have learned about systems, thinkabout the importance of thinking systemically within human servicesprofessions.With these thoughts in mind:write a two or more paragraph  description of the human services profession you selected.Describe the primary system(s) that are related or intrinsic to yourprofession. Then, briefly describe two other systems or professions with whichyour profession and its system(s) might interact, and explain how they wouldinteract. Finally, comment on the importance of thinking systemically withinhuman services professions. Be specific and use examples to illustrate yourpoints.