Review the project case. Determine the scope of the District

Review the project case. Determine the scope of the District 4Production Warehouse Move project from the information provided in thecase. Using the Project Scope Checklist, prepare a scope document forreview and approval by the project sponsor prior to starting theproject.Project Scope ChecklistProject objectiveDeliverablesMilestonesTechnical requirementsLimits and exclusionsReviews with customerTheassignment is asking you to read the Project Case and to review therequirements for the project.  As the project manager, you aredetermining what is needed and how long each task will take.  Developyour project plans using Microsoft Word.  Make the assignment easy onyourself and use the list. The milestones essentially is your timelineor your expectation for completion as you work each individual task.Assignment 3 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsPrepared a project scope document that is ready for sign-off.30Determined the complete scope of the project.30Included all sections from the scope checklist.30Used correct grammar, spelling, and word choice and cited all sources using correct APA style.10Total:100

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