ScenarioAmerican Airlines Group Inc. (AAL) is reviewing how

ScenarioAmerican Airlines Group Inc. (AAL) is reviewing how it does business inthe current volatile market.  You are a company junior analyst who is tasked with contributing aportion of the competitive analysis. You have been asked to draft a comparativefinancial analysis comparing the company with a top competitor as a way ofdetermining the company’s position in the industry. This task is an opportunityfor you to showcase your competency in research, analysis, writing, and publicspeaking.  You need to determine American Airlines Group Inc.’s position in themarket by conducting a basic comparative analysis of American Airlines GroupInc. versus a competing company within the industry.  You must submit amemo to the company CEO and make an oral presentation at a company strategymeeting, explaining the company’s financial strength and its strength comparedto a top competitor.  You need tocompare five key indices of financial strength: ·  Stock price – 1 year, 6 month, Intra-day  (Use on or about  12/1/2014 asthe present date)·  Revenue (over the last three full-years)·  P/E Ratio·  Net Income (over the last threefull-years)·  Earnings per Share (EPS)To begin, you will need to research American Airlines Group statements. You can find this information on the company website,company 10K Report, or on a number of Cook library databases, e.g. Standard& Poors NetAdvantage, LexisNexis Academic (Business > Company Dossier)or Hoovers. Next, you will need to research one of American Airlines Group Inc. competitorsacross the same five indices and compare its performance with American AirlinesGroup Inc. Part I – Written EvaluationYou will need to draft a report memorandumthat succinctly compares the financial strength of both companies. Your report should answer several key questions: · What was yourrationale for selecting the competitor to serve as a measure for the analysis? · What can you derivefrom the comparison of these companies? · What is thesignificance of each index to your comparison?This will require you to use some of the basicprinciples of business writing: ·  Proper memorandum format ·  Proper addressee (research the name of the CEO of American AirlinesGroup Inc.) ·  Proper use of sources using APA format·  Include an introductory statement that foreshadows or “sells” the mainidea·  Use deductive structure ·  Condense information using tables, charts, graphs and bulleted points ·  Use well developed descriptive headings ·  Use chunked paragraphsCriteriaWhenyou present your information, I will be evaluating your ability to writeclearly and succinctly. In other words, get to the point. What is the mostimportant information? I should be able to scan your document and pick out keyinformation quickly and efficiently. If I cannot skim the document in under twominutes, then you did not do your job. Additionally, this document must containclean and well-proofread content (error-free prose). Careless and errant errorsin your LOCs (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice) will result in adeduction in your grade.