search theInternet for an example of a&nbspmobile device that a

search theInternet for an example of a mobile device that a health practitioner usesin tasks associated with his/her 250–350 words as comprehensive response to thefollowing:Briefly describe the device andits purpose.What are positive outcomes fromusing this device?What are negative outcomes fromusing this device?Should the organization mandatethe use of this device? What could happen if the practitioner refused?How could you convince thehealth practitioner that this is a useful device that could positivelyimpact patient care? Resources· ·  Green, M. (2009). Medical equipment: Gooddesign or bad design? Retrieved from· ·  Carayon, P. (2010). Human factors in patientsafety as an innovation. Applied Ergonomics, 41(5), 657-665.· ·  Agarwal, R., Khuntia, J. (2009). PersonalHealth Information and the Design of Consumer Health Information Technology:Background Report. (Prepared by Insight Policy Research under Contract No.HHSA290200710072T. AHRQ Publication No. 09-0075-EF. Rockville, MD: Agency forHealthcare Research and Quality. June 2009.) Pages 1–31 and 54–80. Retrievedfrom