Select a national or global business leader. Describe their

Select a national or global business leader. Describe their career and personal background, their industry and education. Discuss their major accomplishments and challenges they’ve overcome. Do you believe this person is a strong leader? Why or why not? What leadership traits and behaviors does this person demonstrate? What is their leadership style? Cite specific examples of behaviors exhibited by this leader. Would you suggest they modify or improve their leadership style in any way? Why and how? Do you think leadership qualities have to be inborn or can they be developed? Is/was this person a born leader or were they developed into a leader?You will be graded on your presentation’s content, depth of research, your delivery of the presentation, and your use of technology (audio, video, hyperlinks, appropriate slide transitions/animation/images). Be sure to cite your sources. You must wear business attire (not business casual). Every member of your group must present some content. Your presentation file and speaker notes must be submitted via Blackboard by the date of your presentation. Your presentation should be 7 to 10 minutes in duration. You will be asked questions.