Sold stock received as an inheritance from Pamelas Mother f

Sold stock received as an inheritance from Pamela’s Mother for $35,000. Pamela’s Mother purchased the stock 10 years ago for $9,000. On the date of Pamela’s Mother’s death the stock’s FMV was $29,000. Pamela’s Mother died three years ago.Sold stock purchased ten months ago for $6,000 for $3,200.Sold land that was a gift from James’s Uncle for $150,000. The property was received on June 15, 1995, when the property had a $125,000 FMV. The taxable gift was $115,000 because the annual exclusion was $10,000 in 1995. James’s Uncle purchased the land on July 27, 1980, for $85,000. At the time of the gift, gift tax of $5,000 was paid. A sales commission of $3,000 was paid at the closing on the sale of the land.Sold stock purchased four years ago for $1,350 for $1,725.Sold stock purchased 13 months ago for $10,000 for $9,200.Purchased stock on July 8th for $11,000; the stock is currently held in an investment account.The Brock’s have a $8,000 short-term loss carryforward from the prior year.On January 1, 2009 Pamela purchased an 8%, $100,000 corporate bond for $92,277. The bond was issued on January 1, 2008, and matures on January 1, 2014. Interest is paid semiannually, and the effective yield to maturity is 10% compounded semiannually. On July 1, of the current tax year, Pamela sold the bond for $95,949.Prepare a schedule that shows the:Proceeds of sale for each transaction above;Cost basis for each transaction above;The gain or loss for each transaction above; andIdentify if the gain calculated above is short-term of long-term.Calculate:Net short-term capital gain or loss before consideration of the prior year loss carryforward;Net long-term capital gain or loss before consideration of the prior year loss carryforward;Amount of capital gain to be reported; andAmount of capital loss that will be carried forward to next year.Be sure to show all of your calculations.Attachments: pro.xlsx