Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named&nbspexplorin

Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named exploring_p01_grader_a1.pptx.02Apply the Organic design theme and choose the second Organic Variant for all slides in the presentation.53On Slide 1, enter A holistic study of what it means to be human as the subtitle text.24On Slide 2, add the following four second-level bullet points after the first bullet on the slide:ArchaeologyLinguisticsPhysicalCultural105On Slide 2, apply the Random Bars entrance animation effect to the text placeholder. Apply the All At Once Effect Option to the animation.56On Slide 2, insert the downloaded p01_Culture.gif picture file, and move it so that the top-left corner of the image aligns with the 0-inch mark on the horizontal ruler and the 0.5-inch mark on the vertical ruler (below the 0).137Insert a new Title and Content slide into the presentation after Slide 2 and enter Types of Interviews as the title text.78On Slide 3, insert a 2-column, 5-row table into the content placeholder.89Type Structured in the top left cell of the table and Unstructured in the top right cell. Type the following text into the remaining table cells:Asked same questionsAsked open-ended questionsSame orderRespond in own wordsSame conditionsCan be in different orderInterviewer has more controlInformant has more control1210On Slide 5, apply italic formatting to all of the text in the text box on the bottom right of the slide (beginning Just about…).411In the Notes pane on Slide 6 add the following speaker note:Participant observation is taking part in what you observe, describe, and analyze.412Change the slide layout of Slide 6 to Comparison. In the left heading placeholder, type Advantages and in the right heading placeholder, type Disadvantages.813Switch to Slide Sorter view, move Slide 3 to the end of the presentation, after Slide 6, and then switch back to Normal view.314Apply the Wipe transition effect with the From Top Effect Option and a duration of 3 seconds to all slides in the presentation.  Apply the Drum Roll transition sound to the first slide only.1315Use the Spelling tool to check and correct the two misspellings in the presentation (famillarity and represetashion). View the presentation in Slide Show view from beginning to end, and then return to Normal view.616Save and close the presentation and then exit PowerPoint. Submit the presentation as directed.exploring_p01_grader_a1 (1).pptx p01_Culture.gif