Students should be working on completing their TestDevelopme

Students should be working on completing their TestDevelopment Proposal, which is the, discussed the purpose for developing an assessmentto measure the construct, developed a research question(s), conducted aliterature review and critique on current assessments used to measure theconstruct, and constructed a 12-15 test to measure the construct. 3-5 testsubjects. Although the testing is completely anonymous, students will need towrite a brief summary about the Methods used, including non-identifyinginformation about the participants (e.g. age, gender, occupation, educationlevel, etc.) and how the test was administered (e.g. the setting, was itadministered in person or via a computer, etc.). Thus, when administering thetest to each participant, please be sure to record non-identifying informationabout the participant, as well as document how the test was administered to theparticipant.Individual can be sample based 5 pages

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