Suppose you work in ahospital that just received twelve

· Suppose you work in ahospital that just received twelve patients from a disaster event in yourcommunity. Your hospital is able to treat and provide necessary surgicalservices to those that require surgery. However, five patients are refusingcare and requesting to be transferred to another hospital for the sameservices. Suggest the course of action that the hospital should take to meetthe standards of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)related to public health in your community. Provide at least two (2) specificexamples to support your rationale.· Imagine that anunidentified individual with a gunshot wound has been transported to theemergency room. After taking the victim into surgery, the medical team realizesthe individual is a minor. Examine the kind of consent that the team shouldobtain, and determine the resources that they could utilize in order to obtainthis consent.Part 2· Debate at least two(2) advantages and disadvantages of the requirement for healthcareorganizations to implement electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Providespecific examples to support your rationale.· Examine two (2) typesof healthcare discrimination found in the text. Next, analyze the fundamentalimplications of the chosen two (2) types of discrimination to both a healthcareorganization and to you as a consumer of healthcare services. Support yourrationale with specific examples of such discrimination.