Task&nbspA. Using the attached lesson plan format, create an o

Task: A. Using the attached lesson plan format, create an original lesson plan that WGU Lesson Plan Format (0913) (1).docx combines social sciences and one or more other disciplines. Submit this lesson plan as an attachment to this task. In your lesson plan, include the use of the following: 1. Appropriate hands-on activities 2. Appropriate primary resources (e.g., poems, songs, personal journals representing first-hand interpretations) B. Contact the specific school staff member, teacher, or administrator at the location of your school placement who supervises your pre-clinical experience (PCE); arrange to meet with a classroom teacher to review your lesson plan. Ask the classroom teacher to make suggestions for improving your plan. If you have not yet received confirmation of your PCE placement, contact your mentor before proceeding with this task. C. Revise your lesson plan based on the collaboration with the classroom teacher. Clearly indicate revised portions of the lesson plan using highlighting or bold/italicized font. Submit this revised lesson plan as an attachment to this task. D. Write an essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages) reflecting on the process of this collaboration and your subsequent revision of your lesson plan as a result of this collaboration. In your essay: 1. Explain the importance of collaborating effectively with colleagues to support student development, learning, and well-being. 2. Explain the insights you gained from the observed video regarding collaborative planning. 3. Analyze the process of your collaboration with the classroom teacher. 4. Explain how the collaborative process impacted your teaching strategies and instructional plan/sequence of instruction. 5. Explain why you made your revisions to your lesson plan based on the collaboration.