TEAM RESPONSES.docx&nbspThis week, the interview and interrogat

TEAM RESPONSES.docx This week, the interview and interrogation process has been discussed. Now focus on a particular aspect of the process, discuss it with your team, and produce a report of your findings.Examine what Miranda warnings are and at what point in the process they must be issued. Specify your findings in a written report. Remember that there may be a difference between an interview and an interrogation. Is the information you are gathering going to be used against a suspect in a court of law?This should be a 2 page paper free of errors and plagiarism free!!!!Your instructor has placed you into groups. Below are the student expectations for Teamwork:Team Leader: Each week, one person will volunteer to be the team leader.This person is responsible for compiling all of the team™s posts and research throughout the week.The final paper should be at least two pages in length, free of grammatical errors, and contain proper capitalization and punctuation.All citations and references should be done in APA style.The team leader should post a rough draft of the paper in advance so that other team members can review the paper to make suggested corrections. The team leader will then place the team paper in the appropriate area of doc sharing under the correct team heading.All Teammates:Each member of the team is responsible for making a main post and at least two additional substantive posts to other team members.All students earn individual grades for the required teamwork component to each course. All team correspondences should be done in the teamwork area.Be sure to email your team members, then your instructor will monitor your progress, estimate your individual effort, and properly assess your grade.NOTE: Please remember that your team is counting on you. If you post your responses on the very last day that the team paper is due, that will not really benefit your team. Post early and consistently throughout the week.For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.