The Andy Griffith ShowSeason 1, episode 12 Stranger in Tow

The Andy Griffith ShowSeason 1, episode 12: ‘Stranger in Town’Directions:1. Choose either (a) one episode or (b) two episodes from the list above. (Do not work on anepisode already shown in class.) If you choose (a), your presentation must be between 5 and7 minutes; if you choose (b), your presentation must be between 7 and 9 minutes.2. Whichever option that you choose, you must either film yourself presenting your material orcreate an audio narrated PowerPoint or Prezi.3. Here are the issues that must be covered in your presentation:a. Episode number and episode title.b. Summary of plot.c. Mention of any new (nonrecurring characters).d. Issues of interest—for example, filming/production style, story approach, culturalcontent. In other words, why did you choose this episode? Why is it significant andinteresting?The material included in the Perspective and Interaction sections of each module is intended toprovide you information and to give you issues to think about. These overviews are not intendedto be used to help you complete your essay. In other words, please use the ideas from theoverviews, but do not use their language. As well, do not use any outside research or informationwhen completing this assignment. I am interested in what you have to say.Video files tend to be large, so upload times to the Dropbox will vary depending on your Internetconnection speed. Before you submit your video, convert it to either a .wmv or .mov fileas these file types will be most readily viewable by your instructor. There are many free videoconversion software packages available on the Internet. Just search for, select, and download theone you want to use and follow the instructions for converting videos. You may want to compressyour video as well. Like conversion software, there are many free compression software packagesavailable on the Internet.PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN’T STAY WITHIN MY BUDGET. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS ASSIGNMENT.