The book required is Writing and Reading Across the Curricul

The book required is Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum by Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen. Special Requirements:  — Should not require secondary research    — Appropriate handling of 3 – 6 quotations from multiple sources.    — In-text citation+ Works Cited Question:  What are the guiding principles of positive psychology, and what do critics claim are its greatest weaknesses? In explaining positive psychology, draw on the selections from Dunn et al. and Senior.  In explaining the criticisms, draw on the work by Schoch and Begley.  In your argument, objectively support one of the views and argue to disprove the other camp.  Conclude with an observation on the ways in which both camps, despite their differing methods, strive to understand more about happiness.We have read Kingwell, Senior, Schoch, Dunn et al., and Begley though you can use another selection from the text about happiness if you’d like.  Each essay is preceded by a short abstract of the essay that will help you determine if the essay’s argument will be beneficial to your paper.Elements to Consider: As you begin writing, craft a concise thesis statement that includes the authors and titles of the essays you’re going to discuss in addition to a statement of your argument about positive psychology.  That argument will include the view that will be supported in your paper in addition to the view you will try to refute.Each paragraph in your paper must include a topic sentence that details what will be discussed in the paper.  Further, the paragraphs will all need concluding sentences that not only close the discussion in that paragraph but also introduce the topic that is to come in the next paragraph.  These sentences will be in your words, so quotations from the essays will not have a place at the beginning or end of the paragraphs.Include a Works Cited page that includes all of the essays that you will quote in the paper.  From the Quick Access, use #37 on page 246. In-text citation format is also found within the same chapter.