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The following compounds all contain polar bonds.  [img src=’’>     abcdefThe melting and boiling points of compounds and their solubilities are determined by the compound’s intermolecular forces (IMF). Answer the following questions about the molecules shown above. If a question has multiple answers, list all of the answers (just type in the letters).Which of these compounds are polarSince all of the compounds contain polar bonds, the shape of the compound will determine its polarity. Dipole moments can cancel each other out.2. Which compound(s) exhibit only London Dispersion intermolecular forces? 3. Which compound(s) exhibit hydrogen bonding? In order to have hydrogen bonding, you need a hydrogen bond donor and acceptor in the same molecule. H-bond donors are H bonded directly to O, N or F. H-bond acceptors are O, N and F.4. Which have dipole-dipole intermolecular forces?(exclude the hydrogen bonding compounds)