The importance of biodiversity on environmentalpreservation

The importance of biodiversity on environmentalpreservation cannot be stressed enough. Upon completion of this course,it is vital that you understand the nature of biodiversity and how itinteracts with a number of biological processes. Thus, you are to write aresearch-based paper that utilizes at least five scholarly sources todiscuss biodiversity and its importance to environmental conservation.At a minimum your paper should address the following in detail:Explain biodiversity and how it is measured. Evaluate how biodiversity is important to environmental conservation. Evaluate how each of the following concepts affect biodiversity:Biological evolution Competition and ecological niches Food webs Geography Human generated pollution and land use change Identify the techniques that humans can utilize to ensure conservation of ecosystems8 PAGE PAPER, APA (double spaced)5 Sources, scholarly, not all websitesWritten in CLEAR ENGLISH!!!!! Grammar is very important to meNo Plagiarism, must pass TurnItIn with no more than 10% I need quality work, not what can be pulled off in one hour.  Must be clear, flow well, begin with intro and end with conclusion.  Each of the items listed above needs to be covered.