The objective of this assignment is to increase knowledge ab

The objective of this assignment is to increase knowledge about how businesses are leveraging theInternet to conduct business.  You will be using public web sitesto do the research, the focus will be on marketing, sales, and customerservice transactions with end-consumers (B2C).1. Choose an industry of interest whereseveral companies have developed online e-business strategies with public B2Cweb sites. This industry might include traditional companies operating asbricks-and-clicks firms, as well as dot-com companies.2.  After you have looked at severalpublic web sites for companies in this industry, select 3 or 4 companiesyou think will provide an interesting comparison about how companies areleveraging the Internet today. (Hint: you might want to include one company witha website you think is significantly inferior to at least one other company’ssite.)3. Analyze each of the websites interms of the overall “look-and-feel” of the site from the perspective of thetargeted consumer, as well as how well each web site has addressed the 7Cs inthe model developed by Rayport and Jaworski (described at the end of Chapter 7in the textbook. See the attachment: Managing Information Technology-7th Edition.pdf)4. Write up your findings, includingthe following content:Introduce the industry you selectedand the web sites you selected.  Include the reasons why you chose thisindustry and these particular companies, and include the URL for each site.Describe and also compare theways that these companies’ web sites address the 7Cs and any othercharacteristics you wish to emphasize. For example:How easy was it to identify the content or servicesavailable?How easy was it to navigate between pages?Did the site download easily? Was the use of graphics and animation appropriate for thetarget audience?Were the linking capabilities of the Web exploited?Was there a sense of “community”?Was a privacy policy available and easy to find?Based on your analyses, provide somerecommendations for the company whose web site you considered to be theweakest. Be sure your ideas are appropriate for the industry you selected, andtake into account whether companies in this industry traditionally have solddirectly to end-consumers or not and using what channels (e.g., catalog,physical store, or via a distributor).5. Use outside resources to providecurrent statistics and forecasts for the industry you selected, as well as anyinformation about B2B applications that the companies may be using. Be sure toprovide full citations to all third-party sources, including a “last dateaccessed” for all references to a URL.Your paper should be 3-4 pages inlength, well-written, and in conformity with APA formatting.