This paper requires that you selecta case study to use for a

This paper requires that you selecta case study to use for a case presentation.  You can choose your case (I’ll let you choose a case you aremost comfortable with) from the text book Managing Information Technology-7th Edition.pdf Better still, you can choose the particular case study that you did for me few weeks ago:  Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A) The Role of the Operating Manager in Information Systems.pdfWith this case study, follow a problem-solving approach.You will play the role of consultant assuming you have been hired by theorganization to do two things:Provide objective opinion of the situation (specificdetails below)Provide realistic options for actions for theorganization.Though the Project is geared towarda singular end, but will be completed in two distinct parts.  Part 1: You mustconstruct a visual presentation in PowerPoint. Each slide should includelecture notes – i.e., what you would say if you were actually presenting this.Make sure each slide summarizes the general idea. Presentation should be 8-10slides long, visually appealing and effective in delivering your message. Part 2: You must write a summary report of your final findings in MSword. This paper can include copies of tables and diagrams used in presentation,but they must be cited according to APA guidelines. The report should be 9-10pages long, well written and should also contain the following components:Describe the current situation.The problem/and or opportunity, depending upon whichcase you have chosen.The solution and justification for why you’ve chosenthat solution.An evaluation of the solution and how it will beeffective in solving the problem or leveraging the opportunity.

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