Three Good Companies. Makea list of three products and servi

Three Good Companies. Makea list of three products and services that you buy on a weekly ormonthly basis and the companies that sell them. Offer your initial viewson whether each company would be a good place to invest money. Pleaseuse resources other than your textbook to gather this information. Besure to cite where you get your information!Interest in Bonds. Do bonds interest you as an investment? Why or why not? What are the pros and cons of investing in bonds? Two Funds. Assumeyou graduated from college a few years ago, have a good job paying$55,000 annually, and want to invest $300 per month in mutual funds forretirement. Which combination of two or more mutual funds (see pages 463to 467) do you think would be appropriate? Give reasons for each ofyour selections.Good Choices. Identifythe types of mutual funds that would be good choices to meet thefollowing investment objectives: emergency fund, house down payment,college fund for 2-year-old child, and retirement fund for a25-year-old. (See pages 463 to 467.) Give two reasons why each of yourrecommendations would be appropriate.