To prepare for this assignmentReview the article, How Des

To prepare for this assignment:Review the article, ‘How ‘Deserving’ are the MostVulnerable Homeless?’ Consider the effectiveness of the homelessshelter program described in the article, and whether it provides theleast intrusive treatment and least restrictive environment. Hicks-Coolick.pdfReview the article, ‘Transforming Mental HealthCare for Children and Their Families,’ paying particular attention tothe minimally intrusive and minimally restrictive approaches that theSubcommittee on Children and Families recommends in providing mentalhealth care for children.Hang L.pdfReview the article, ‘Examining How ProfessionalsDescribe the Strengths Perspective in Their Practice.’ Focus on thefeatures, principles, and purposes of the strengths perspective asdiscussed by the human services workers in the study, and how in turn thisperspective is beneficial for client treatment.Schatz M.pdfRead the Case Study of Dina, provided in the LearningResources, and focus on how to determine the least intrusive treatment andleast restrictive environment for a human services client such as Dina.wk4_case_study_dina.docFind a case based on a recent report in the local ornational media, or from some other resource, that involves a person whocould be helped by human services.Research the relevant elements of the person’ssituation so that you have the information you need to consider whattreatment he or she might benefit from, particularly one that is leastintrusive and in the least restrictive environment. Think about how youmight recommend that this person be treated and helped, given theinformation that you have collected from your research.The assignment: (2–3 pages)Describe in sufficient detail the human services case thatyou have researched based on a story from the local or national media or asubsequent resource. Explain who is involved, what problem(s) he or shefaces, and any other pertinent details.For your chosen case, provide suggestions for the leastintrusive treatment and the least restrictive environment for the client.(Note: You may use the provided case study as a guide to assist youin formulating your response.)