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TopicConducting ResearchTypeResearch paperLevelCollegeStyleAPASources6LanguageEnglish(U.S.)DescriptionThis is suppose to be a powerpoint presenation.Eachslide need ot have at least 500 words per slide. Please contact me forany informaiton if you have any questions I rather you ask before hand.Thank youYou are a research analyst with a large research anddevelopment firm, Akron Research. Your firm performs studies andanalysis for companies that need product, process improvement,manufacturing, and consulting research services.You have beenassigned to develop a comprehensive research strategy and plan anddevelop a proposal outline for a customer-driven project. After youcomplete your review of the project, you will have to pick a topic anddecide the research methodology that will be applied. Then you will haveto develop the research design to include the topic, purpose statement,literature review, research question and hypothesis, and the analysisand report writing format. Finally, you will have to present theresearch proposal outline for customer approval. Since you may or maynot be the one actually conducting the research, you must have adetailed research design plan that can walk a researcher or team throughthe entire research process for this projectIn this course, you will create a research proposal outline that will include the following: