Two roads diverged, in my tangled up mind,&nbspAnd sadly I knew

Two roads diverged, in my tangled up mind, And sadly I knew I could not follow bothAs an independent woman I felt confined, so I contemplated and tried to keep myself aligned and reminded myself that I took an oathAn oath of doing my studies and workbut the allure of my friends was so intense,I felt in my mind, one powerful jerk, for it brought me back to thinking of all the perks,and the idea just all made sense. The pleasures of playing were so vast and many,I was drawn again to what it might cost,and the bountiful times that could be plenty,one, or two, or there, or twenty.I finally figured my journey at last. Playing looked fun, exciting, and pleasing,but to succeed, studying is a must. Although people may be laughing and teasing,I chose the path much more appeasing; See, I know in life hard work and diligence truly do me just