Understanding the dual modes of social cognitive processing

Understanding the dual modes of social cognitive processing requires athorough understanding of the current literature. Many fields outside of socialpsychology also apply research methods designed to study dual modes of socialcognitive processing, such as when marketing research examines the impact ofsubliminal message priming on consumer behavior. It is interesting to see howthese social cognitive processes appear every day.Theassignment (2–3 pages)Explain two differences between the dual modes of social cognitiveprocessing.Explain when conscious/controlled social cognitive processing is morelikely to occur than unconscious/automatic social cognitiveprocessing.Using the current literature, select a peer reviewed article thatdescribes an empirical research study measuring a conscious or an unconscioussocial cognitive process within a work environment (e.g., health, legal,education, public administration, marketing, organizational).Summarize the article and explain which of the two social cognitiveprocesses (conscious, unconscious) is demonstrated in the article and how.Include a description of how the social cognitive process was studied and theresults of this research.