We are looking at Maslows hierarchy of needs and motivatio

We are looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and motivation. With some of the current look at his pyramid we see that he has eight areas of need:Belonging and PhysiologicalSafety needsBelonging and LoveEsteemCognitiveAestheticsSelf-actualizationTranscendenceThere is a desire to reach his highest levels of actualization andtranscendence but what do you think these entail, are you able to reachthese or do you think this is only for special and select people?If we remember what Carl Jung said, he talked about a collectiveunconsciousness and that we as a human race are tied to each otherunconsciously and his hope was that at some point of our development wewould make that a collective consciousness. WasMaslow talking about the same thing?