What to write. Both literary characters and the real people

What to write. Both literary characters and the real people in non-fiction can be categorized in numerous ways. For this paper, I have given you four categories to consider. Each category is its own separate segment of the paper. The four categories are: (1) hero and heroine. A hero or heroine willingly faces danger and/or sacrifices for the good of or to save another person or persons. (2) role model. A role model can inspire a whole approach to life, or, more specifically, how to fulfill a specific role in life in terms of family (mother, father, etc.) or friend or neighbor. The role can also be occupational (doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse, public official, shop or business owner, etc.) (3) good example. A good example does the right thing in a given situation. (4) bad example. A bad example gets it wrong in a given situation.For each category, choose a character and discuss (use specific details; quote if possible) why you assigned the character to the category. Choose characters from the books listed below. You must choose characters from at least four of the books listed. Do not use a character more than once. If a character that plays a minor role fits the category, you may use that character, but don’t completely ignore major characters. You may discuss more than one character per category.Total length of assignment: A minimum of 1200 words (4 pages); maximum of 1800 words (6 pages). Write a minimum of 300 words (one page) per category. You may write more than 300 words per category as long as the total length does not exceed 6 pages.Use at least FOUR of the following books to answer the question: Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Freedom; When You Reach Me; Dead End in Norvelt; Out of My Mind; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; One Crazy Summer.

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