While some parents are more interested in their own social r

While some parents are more interested in their own social relationships than in their children, other parents spend their evenings working or involved in time-consuming activities which keep them from spending those hours with their sons or daughters. When parents are preoccupied or away, children will seek attention elsewhere, usually in undesirable surroundings, with people who will recognize and accept them. In a situation of too much freedom and no discipline, the child gets into trouble, and parents often discover the problem too late. The lack of parental discipline and concern frequently results in severe problems for both the child and the parent.In the paragraph above, what five details did the author give to prove his topic sentence?Some parents are more interested in social life.Some parents spend a lot of time with their children.Some parents are too involved in work.Children look to outside sources for attention.Severe problems for the parent are listed.Children often get into trouble while searching for acceptance.Parents find out too late what neglect had done to their children.The author gives a solution to the problem.