Worksheet_Assignment_Instructions(1) (2).docx&nbspWorksheet_Ass

Worksheet_Assignment_Instructions(1) (2).docx Worksheet_Assignment_Grading_Rubric(1) (1).doc No need for a title page for the worksheet assignment.You are free to choose any worksheet from the Couples Therapy Homework Planner.( maybe you can do personal pep talk it seems easy)Be sure to include clear and focused instructions about the intent of the worksheet.The instructions provide a brief rationale or benefit for the couples to encourage their participation and explain the value of the worksheet.Add some scriptural support within the worksheet.Don’t forget to write some summary paragraphs on the second page of your assignment.The paragraphs need to include: 1) A discussion of your intent/purpose for the worksheet; 2)The strengths and weaknesses of the original worksheet in the Couples Therapy Homework Planner or of the worksheet you have revised; and 3) Your personal/professional observation.I am attaching the workbook that you need to use am also attaching the actual instructions as well as the grading rubic. If you have any questions let me know asap. If I get any more information about this assignment I will post it.

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