You will create an ePortfolio that includes redesignedactivi

You will create an ePortfolio that includes redesignedactivities from prior coursework in the Masters of Arts in Education(MAED) Program that demonstrate your competency with the nine ProgramLearning Outcomes, which are also the Course Learning Outcomes for EDU695. Additionally, you will write a narrative reflection of yourexperience with the program and the ePortfolio construction. Theoverarching goal of this Final Paper and ePortfolio assignment is toshowcase learning from the MAED Program in a consolidated, web-basedformat that can easily be shared with anyone: colleagues, potential orcurrent employers, friends, family members, and others. For theePortfolio, you use a system called Pathbrite. Within this ePortfolio,you will tell the story of your educational journey and value of yourpersonal MAED experience as it applies to the labor market. Remember,the ePortfolio is your chance to show what you know and are able to doin the practice of teaching and learning with technology. You willsubmit a link to your ePortfolio and attach your paper portion of theassignment in a Week Six discussion for preliminary feedback by peersand the instructor before the final submission. The earlier you submitin the Week Six discussion the more opportunity you have for input fromyour peers and instructor to improve your work before the finalsubmission of this assignment.Creating the Paper and ePortfolioPlease include a link to the ePortfolio (Pathbrite) within the paper portion of this assignment. As needed, refer to the MAED program learning outcomes (PLOs) list. Then, create your final assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations below.Content ExpectationsePortfolio Components (5 Points): Include atleast one artifact demonstrating mastery for each of the nine MAEDProgram Learning Outcomes (PLOs). ePortfolio Design (3 Points): Design theePortfolio to be professional in appearance. Be sure to exemplifyeffective and ethical uses of technology so that the ePortfoliologically organized in a visually appealing way.Narrative – Ranking (5 Points): Rank and discussthe importance of each Program Learning Outcome to your individual worksetting, including an explanation of each ranking and its value to youin your learning environment or your position. Discuss how you currentlyuse each PLO in your work setting and, if PLOs are not used, discussways you might begin to use them in your current or future work setting.If you are unemployed or otherwise do not work in a teaching role, youcan either (a) use a previous work location, or (b) imagine the perfectwork location (e.g., your dream job), and use that fictional work centerto rank and discuss each PLO. The overall goal of this section of thenarrative is to rank each PLO according to its importance to you as aneducator or potential educator, starting by listing the most importantPLO to you first.Narrative – Challenges/Solutions (5 Points):Discuss the design and development challenges you experienced whilecreating this ePortfolio in Pathbrite and explain how you overcame thosechallenges. If you feel that you did not face any challenges duringyour design/redesign, please state that there were no challenges andclearly support this statement with a discussion of the details, orreflect and think deeply about your design/redesign process and offer adetailed narrative of how the process excelled. Examples of challengesinclude: (a) getting accustomed to specific technology to communicateand showcase your learning, (b) difficulty ranking the PLOs, (c) findingcreative ways to display your newly learned skill sets, and (d) tyingtogether concepts and theories into one cohesive digital collection.When you explain how you resolved or worked around challenges you needto consider how you became proficient in using various digital tools,how you linked PLOs to your job responsibilities, how Internet searchesuncovered new ways to utilize your talents, how peer collaborationproduced ways to effectively consolidate multiple concepts and theoriesin one package, and how ePortfolio examples sparked creative thought. Written Communication ExpectationsPage Requirement (.5 points): Include one pageper discussion of each of the nine MAED Program Learning Outcomes and atenth page for the narrative response for a total of ten pages (notincluding the title and reference pages).APA Formatting (.5 points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout the assignment.Syntax and Mechanics (.5 points): Displaymeticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, suchas spelling and grammar.Source Requirement (.5 points): Reference threescholarly sources in addition to the course textbook. All sources on thereferences page need to be used and cited correctly within the body ofthe assignment.For information related to APA style, including samples and tutorials, please visit the Ashford Writing Center.